The results are in! J-D’s Red Ram mascot has a name!

Graphic image of mascot school identification badge that names the mascot: Remmy the Red Ram.

The Jamesville-DeWitt Central School District is excited to announce the winning name of our Red Ram mascot naming contest. 

A panel of judges made up of administrators, staff, and students looked over nearly 200 name submissions and narrowed it down to a few favorites. After a discussion, we chose Remmy the Red Ram! We felt it checked all the criteria boxes:

    • Appropriate for a school district 
    • Demonstrates J-D strength and pride 
    • Welcoming/approachable  
    • Non-trademarked

We had multiple submissions of ‘Remmy’ and will go with the first person who submitted it with this spelling. We’ll be in touch with the winner soon to award their prizes. 

Thank you to everyone who participated! 


Note: We would like to acknowledge our fall newsletter experienced a mailing delay, we apologize to anyone who missed out on submitting a name. We will keep this in mind for future publications. Please follow the district website and Facebook page for frequent news and announcement updates.