Red Ram Cafe: special education class serves up hot drinks

The Red Ram Cafe at J-D Middle School is back up and running! The student-run coffee service is available to staff on Fridays. The drinks are prepared and delivered by students in the 12:1:4 special education classroom. 

The students are offering coffee, tea, and hot cider. The menu may expand as students get more familiar with the process. Money generated from the sales will go towards buying ingredients for cooking and community service activities.

“In the past, the 12:1:4 students made 200 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and donated them to the Samaritan Center and have donated wreaths to the Everson Museum Art Museum.  These activities were funded by the Red Ram Cafe” said Special Education teacher Kara Azaria.

The group recently spent some of their profits during a field trip to Wegmans. The students created a shopping list of ingredients, bought the items needed, and cooked french toast and sausage in the classroom. This is just one example of the valuable learning opportunities the program provides. 

“The students in Room 402 are working on applying math skills with money and social skills in a real life setting. The Red Ram Cafe provides them the opportunity to build social, money, and daily life skills” added Azaria. 

The Red Ram Cafe is also made possible thanks to peer buddies who spend time with the students and help deliver orders.

Sounds like a win-win for everyone! We’re wishing the Red Ram Cafe a successful year of business.