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Tecumseh Lunch & Recess

All children at Tecumseh will go out for recess, except when it's raining. 
Please dress your child appropriately.


During winter months, remember to have your child wear warm clothing, gloves and boots.  All children will go out for recess during the winter, except when the temperature is "0º" or below or when the wind chill brings the temperature to zero or below.

Playground Expectations:
Wear appropriate clothing - sneakers are preferred.
Use indoor/outdoor playground/gym equipment according to the rules.
Play games that do not pose a health/safety risk.
Leave sticks, stones, and other objects on the ground. Do not pick them up.
No throwing stones, snowballs, ice, etcetera.
Follow directions for cleanup and dismissal.



Cafeteria Expectations:
Food is to be eaten, not played with or shared.
Talk - never yell or shout.
Raise your hand for assistance and/or permission to leave.

When lights are off, 
immediately stop talking and look at the person in charge.

Follow directions for cleanup and dismissal.



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