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 Class Placement Procedures 
In an effort to create a positive learning environment for all students and to maintain continuity of programs between all three elementary schools, the following guidelines have been developed to determine student placements.
Educational Considerations:
Your child’s current classroom teacher, various specialists in the building (i.e. school psychologist, reading teachers, special area teachers) and the building administrator meet and discuss the class lists for the next school year. The goal of these discussions is to produce heterogeneous class lists that
·     avoid segregated class groupings – special attention is given to ensure that there is a relatively equal mix of social, gender, academic, and socio-  
  economic groups within each classroom.
·     produce a reasonable social mix – all classrooms need students with good leadership and a variety of social skills; some children do not work well   
  together and need to be separated.
·     balance maturity levels and behavioral considerations. All classes include a balance of students who may require special attention to their behavioral
·     remain within the district class size guidelines.
Some students have specific learning needs that are being addressed by both the classroom teacher and various special educators in each building. The Pupil Services Team in each building reviews these special needs and makes recommendations for placement. At each of the grade levels, there is one or more classes called “inclusion.” These classes have the same overall “mix,” as described above, but may have additional adult support to assist with specific needs. The overall class structure is the same in ALL of the classes at Tecumseh and all children benefit from the extra assistance in the room.
Parent Input:
Parent information regarding your child’s personality and how he/she learns is accepted and considered by the team as students are placed. This information must be written in a letter to the building principal. Please note that due to the specific considerations and criteria listed above, it is impossible to honor specific teacher requests. Please do not request specific teachers by name.
Timeframe for Placement:
Usually, teacher placements for grades 1-4 of the next year will be sent home after school lets out in June. Class lists for incoming kindergartners will be sent out in mid -  August. This allows us maximum flexibility due to fluctuating enrollment. Please be advised that enrollment can change for ALL grade levels and that a student’s teacher COULD BE CHANGED at any time due to class sections being added or reduced. We must sometimes respond to changing enrollment figures that are beyond our control.






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