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Kindergarten Orientation 
2021-2022 Information


 Age of Entrance

Students who are legal residents of the School District and who reside with parents or guardians within the School District at the time of the opening day of school must be five years of age or more on December 1, (2021) in order to register for kindergarten.   (taken from JD Policy 7120)

Registration Procedure

Information and forms can be obtained by selecting "Student Registration" under the DISTRICT tab above.

We mail orientation materials at the beginning of May based upon the census list received from our District Office. Please be sure to register your child by mid-April to be included in this mailing.


Orientation Program 2021 TBA

Immunizations and Physical Exam

Please consult your child's physician to be sure your child's immunizations are up to date and to schedule their kindergarten physical examination.  It's never too early to check on this important piece of the registration process.  Proof of current immunizations is needed to participate in the orientation process.  The "Health Services" link to your left has information for parents and guardians of students of all ages.


Preparing Your Child

How can you help prepare your child for Kindergarten?

Here are some activities you can do.

  • Help your child learn how to dress him or herself, button or zip their coats, and tie their shoes.

  • Encourage your child to draw, paint and tell stories.

  • Help them write their first and last name, with the first letter capitalized and the rest lowercase.

  • Help them learn the names of the uppercase letters. Start teaching the lowercase letters. If they know the names of the letters, they can concentrate on learning the sounds in Kindergarten.

  • Encourage your child to hold a pencil in the traditional way, with the first finger slightly ahead of the thumb and the middle finger hanging down beside.

  • Spend time reading to your child, which models how to read a book.

  • Have your child sit quietly and work on something (coloring, drawing) for a period of time, preferably 10-20 minutes.

  • Draw a shape on paper and have your child look at it. Then, draw the shape again with a piece missing and have your child drawing the missing piece.

  • Start a collection of anything that interests your child. Collecting is a great way to explore similarities and differences, and to sort objects into groups.

  • Place six to eight objects on a table. Ask your child to close their eyes, and remove an object. See if they can identify the missing object.

  • Paste a picture from a magazine on cardboard. Cut it into many pieces and have your child put it back together.

  • Say a word and have your child say a word that rhymes.

  • Make an alphabet scrapbook. Write the capital and lowercase letter at the top of each page. Then, search for objects that begin with that letter and glue or tape them to the page.

  • Show your child a picture and discuss the action it shows. Ask what might happen next.


Great Educational Websites for You
and Your Child to Explore!

 Some sites may require Adobe shockwave or flash player to run. Click on the following link to visit the Adobe site
to download these products for free.

Fine Motor Skills

Pattern Beads


ABC'S and Language

Literacy Center

Learn to Read

Numbers and Counting

Count Us In

Which Fish

Puzzles and Memory Games

Puzzle Game

Memory Match Game

Educational Sites with Multiple Categories


Sesame Street




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