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Mrs. Brazie's English as a New Language Page

STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO : Practice listening, reading, speaking, and writing in English. English Language Learners are required to learn the same content as Native speakers. At JDMS, the ELLs are serviced by a certified TESOL/Elementary Education  instructor. All second language learners are in the mainstream except for ENL class and receive modified instruction and assessment in all areas. The ENL teacher's role is to provide English language instruction at the ELL's language proficiency level. Lastly, the ENL teacher works closely  with the mainstream instructors to meet the ENL student's needs in their content area classes.

Homework Policy-1 day late=loss of 5 points, 2 days late=loss of 10 points, after the 3rd day the student will receive NO CREDIT for the homework assignment but I will make corrections with feedback to be returned to the student.


*check your child's planner for homework and/or tests
*check the JDMS website-Teacher pages
This site will allow you to view your child's grades
*If you have any questions email Mrs. Brazie


QUIZLET-search mrs-brazie. Are you looking for user mrs-brazie? Click on this!! Look for your grade and subject to study. Have fun and learn!!!!


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JDMS ESL-Country Research Project




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