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Health With Mrs. Ferris ~ Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. ~ World Health Organization, 1948

Students at J-DMS take health in seventh and eighth grade for ten weeks.

Tips for Parents:

How to help your preteen to resist alcohol, tobacco and drugs:

1. Talk about it-  Let your child know he/she can talk to you-about anything. Studies show that are apt to delay drinking/drugs when they have a close relationship with their parents.

2. Dispel the Myths-  Even young kids are bombarded with advertisements that make drinking/smoking look cool and sophisticated. It is essential to counter that message. Ask your child what he/she  thinks these appealing alcohol/smoking ads are suggesting, and talk about what isn't being told. Remind your child that he/she does not need alcohol/drugs to have a good time.

3. Avoid Mixed Message- Don't come home and say,” I had a rough day; I need a drink." Instead show your child other ways to unwind, such as listen to music, read a book or exercise. If you do have a cocktail occasionally in front of your child, explain, " Alcohol is legal for me because I'm over 21. But I still must be responsible. I never, ever drink and drive."

4. Teach Your Child to Say No- Understand that despite your efforts to keep your child on the right track, their friends may still pressure them to drink and/or experiment with drugs. Talk to them about what he/she might say and do in these situations. The best comebacks are brief and forceful: "No thanks," "I'd get thrown off the team," " My mom would kill me." Urge them to call you if in an uncomfortable situation so you can come get them. Acknowledge his/her fear of being stigmatized as a loser for not drinking/using drugs, but remind them MOST kids their age DO NOT Use drugs/drink.

Important Information

TEST TOMORROW! (9/29/17) 
Review sheet should be signed by parent and returned by 9/29/17

-Topics that will be discussed: Tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, perscription/ over the counter & safety

-Officer Mangano from the Town of Dewitt Police Department will visit 3 times to discuss saftey issues linked to drug use & the newest drug trends.

End of the unit:
-Review sheet, review game, and unit test will be given.



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