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6th grade Team White

Welcome to Team White's home page!

Meet your sixth grade teachers!  Click on each link below to see a short video from each of the teachers on the Sixth Grade White Team - your new teachers!  We can't wait to meet you!

Meet Mrs Yudin
Meet Mr. Starowicz
Meet Mrs. Lane

Parental Involvement & Common Core State Standards Resources 
Mr. Starowicz's page:


Class Rules:
1) Complete and turn in class work and homework on time
2) Follow classroom and school rules
3) Pay attention in class
4) Behave appropriately, politely, and respectfully

Late Assignments:  During the first two marking periodsgraded assignments can be handed in up to two days late to receive partial credit.  In the third marking periodgraded assignments can be handed in one day late for partial credit.  During the fourth marking periodgraded assignments must be handed in on time for credit.  No credit will be given for late assignments during the fourth marking period.  During all marking periods, students must have non-graded assignments, or assignments for which we go over the answers in class, completed on time.  Students will either receive full credit for completing the assignment or no credit for not having the assignment completed.  
Math homework for all marking periods will only be given credit for completion if it is complete on the day it is due.


8:00-8:43 1st period - Math, Science, or Social Studies
8:46-9:25 2nd period - Special Areas
9:28-10:07 3rd period - Math, Science, or Social Studies
10:10-10:49 4th period - Math, Science, or Social Studies
10:52-11:31 5th period - Special Areas
11:31-12:01 LUNCH
12:04-12:43 6th period - Language Arts
12:46-1:25 7th period - Language Arts
1:28 - 2:07 8th period - Special Areas
2:10 -2:49 9th period - Special Areas



Remember to read!!! Students should read a MINIMUM of 20 minutes a day.


Helpful Links about Parental Involvement and Common Core Standards
Meet Mrs Yudin


Curriculum Night 2019 (Presented on Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2019)
Parent/Guardian Sixth Grade Tips
Positivity Project - Family Information Letter



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