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School Schedules

Jamesville-DeWitt has created three reopening plans. Decisions on which plan to use will be informed by health and safety standards and the most up to date guidance from the New York State Department of Health. The district may change which plan is in place based on changing circumstances and guidance from health officials.

The three plans include:
  • IN-PERSON: full-time, no social distancing requirement
  • HYBRID: blend of in-person and remote learning, social distancing required
  • REMOTE: all students learning remotely, maximum social distancing
The HYBRID model was developed with consideration given to the needs of students, families, and staff as well as the realities of available space, staffing, and student enrollment in our schools. Information received from families and staff were used extensively to create this model. The unique needs of students are taken into account when determining how often they should receive in-person and remote learning.
  • All kindergarten and first-grade students will be in-person, full time, following social distancing guidelines.
  • Students in grades 2-12 will be assigned to groups as follows:
    • Group A: Attend school Monday and Tuesday; Remote on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (Last names starting with A-Kaur)
    • Group B: Attend school Thursday and Friday; Remote on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (Last names starting with Kearse-Z)
    • Group C: Some special education students and English language learners will attend school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday; Remote on Wednesday.
    • Group D: Some special education students will attend school Monday-Friday,
    • Group E: Parents may choose to have students learn remotely
If COVID-19 cases develop, the district may consider restricting access within school facilities and across school grounds, particularly in affected areas to avoid full school closures. In such instances, the district may choose to temporarily move classes where an individual has tested positive for COVID-19 to remote format until all contacts can be identified, notified, tested, and cleared. To maximize in-person instruction, The HYBRID model was created to decrease density and congregation in school facilities and on school grounds.

These plans will be shared with families and staff through multiple communication channels throughout the month of August and into the school year to keep everyone informed and up to date.



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