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Jamesville-DeWitt is committed to providing transportation to our students that is clean and safe. The plan below outlines the steps being taken to adhere to guidance provided by the DOH and the CDC.

1. Work areas
a. Transportation staff will limit time working in close proximity of each other.
i. Staggering times/work areas to prevent possible exposure. 
ii. Staff will wear appropriate face coverings if distancing is not possible.

b. Signs will be placed on entrance doors informing anyone coming into the building that face coverings are required. 

i. People without face coverings will be offered a covering or not allowed inside.
ii. Vendors will be asked to make an appointment when possible before visiting.
iii. Deliveries will be accepted only at the mechanic’s office door.
iv. Staff/visitors will be encouraged to wash hands/use sanitizer if sharing of any object is to take place.

c. Common work areas will be disinfected at least once daily by custodial staff and more frequently if needed.

i. Staff will be instructed to enter through the front of the building, individually, fill out the self-health form, get route information, and exit through the side door. All other communication will be made via the phone or radio.

2. Training
a. Staff will attend the annual training meeting before the start of the school year, where they will be given instruction on:

i. Proper use of PPE; 
ii. Restrictions on sanitizers being carried on buses; 
iii. Proper cleaning of surfaces; and 
iv. Safety during interaction and communication with students. 

3. Illness
a. Staff will be asked to stay home if they are experiencing illness and to report their illness to the director/dispatcher ASAP.

4. Operation of bus
a. Drivers and attendants will be required to wear facemasks at all times when students or other staff are present. Face masks and gloves will be provided and available for use on each bus.
b. Drivers will be required to wipe down all high touch surfaces between routes.
c. Deep cleaning of all bus surfaces will be done once daily by staff using a hydrogen peroxide solution.
d. Attendance sheets will be given to the driver to keep track of students on the bus for each route. This will be used for tracing purposes in the event we have an ill student or staff member.
e. While picking up students, students without masks will be offered one by the driver or bus attendant.
f. Students refusing to wear a mask will be seated at a further distance from other students

i. The driver will notify dispatch by radio;
ii. Dispatch will contact the building principal to let them know a student will be arriving without proper PPE; and
ii. The principal will address the situation with the student and follow up with the transportation office with further transportation recommendations.

g. Students will have assigned seats and will be seated 1 child per seat unless they are sitting with a student from the same household.
h. Students will be assigned seats according to their stop location to help limit students passing by each other.

i. Back-to-front loading – front-to-back unloading.



Dr. Peter Smith, Superintendent

P.O. Box 606
DeWitt, NY 13214

Phone: (315) 445-8300

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