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Classwork Summary for the week of October 19th 
(Note: All assignments will be posted and linked in Google Classroom.)

Math - absolute value notes in ISN

Science -  FINISH Investigating Forces (2.2) lab

Social Studies - Stone Age Intro slide lesson

ELA Lane -   Windcatcher Ch. 12 & 13, Review RACE

ELA Yudin - Scholastic Scope and write in comp book

ELA Starowicz - Read chapter 10 in Ghost; Start narrative writing unit; Final Ghost question
 Tuesday Math - absolute value practice pages

Science - Review the answers on the Investigating Forces (2.2) lab; Complete the Mass and Speed Investigation 

Social Studies - Timelines lesson

ELA Lane -  Windcatcher ch. 14 & 15, practice cause and effect, characterization 

ELA Yudin -  The Cay hyperdoc slides - setting and reading ch. 1

ELA Starowicz - Finish reading Ghost (read chapter 10); Continue narrative writing unit; Scary Story - Forgive Me, Irene (story plot and genre); Final Ghost question

Math - quiz on absolute value, Kahoot review

Science - Review acceleration, force, mass, and speed (the investigations from last Thursday to yesterday - Tuesday). After the review (during the Zoom science office hours), time will be allotted for specific questions.

Social Studies - Current Events ~ Jr. Scholastic 

ELA Lane - Windcatcher Ch. 16 & 17 and hyperdoc
ELA Yudin - The Cay hyperdoc slides - genre, vocab and reading

ELA Starowicz - Continue narrative writing unit; Scary Story - Forgive Me, Irene (story plot and genre); Final Ghost question  WEDNESDAY QUESTION: When was the last time you tried something new?
Math - coordinate plane notes in ISN

Science - How does mass and force (surface on which the object travels) affect the speed of an object?; Forces

Social Studies - Archaeology video - Bill Nye 

ELA Lane - Windcatcher ch. 18 & 19, similes practice

ELA Yudin - The Cay hyperdoc slides - inferences and reading

ELA Starowicz - Scary story - Ghost Boy (story plot and genre); Get an independent reading book from the library; Continue narrative writing unit
Friday Math- coordinate plane practice

Science - MORE force - What's the difference between mass and weight?; Measuring Gravitational Force

Social Studies - Artifact analysis Practice

ELA LaneWindcatcher ch. 20 & 21, conflict lesson

ELA Yudin -  The Cay hyperdoc slides- inferences and reading

ELA Starowicz - Scary story - Ghost Boy; Continue narrative writing unit



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