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6th grade math - Mrs. Yudin
Exciting news!!!
You can now watch math videos, created by me using your ISN and binder pages, whenever you need to.  These videos, which can be found on my Google Classroom, are a great way to hear a math lesson that you missed due to an instrument lesson or absence or a math topic that you want to hear again to help you better understand the content.  It's a great way to study for quizzes or to just refresh your mind before starting your math homework.  Most videos are under 10 minutes, and I highly encourage you to watch them as often as you can.  I really think it is a great way to help yourself master the 6th grade math curriculum.  I will post a new video for each new topic, so videos will be added every time a topic is added to your ISN.  Let me know what you think of them!  Parents, you can watch the videos too!  Better yet, you can watch the video WITH your child, especially if you will be helping with homework.  I'm very excited about this way of bringing "me" into your homes to help with the math curriculum!

Math homework cannot be accepted late.  It must be completed and ready to go over at the beginning of each math class the day it is due.  Please make corrections as we go over the homework together and ask questions!

You must let me know BEFORE you go to a band/orchestra lesson if you will be missing math class.  We need to make a plan for when you will make up the material, you need to hand in the homework that is due, and you need to copy down the homework for that day.

Most weeks, you'll have either a short quiz or a unit test, so you should constantly be looking over your notes in your ISN and homework assignments from your binder, and watching the related videos from Google Classroom.  You can also get 10 free questions per day, per device on the topic we are studying on and you can watch videos and work on practice questions on



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