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Module 6
Collecting and Displaying Data


Throughout this modules, students will:
  • generate categorical data
  • organize data
  • represent data in a variety of forms - tally marks, tables, tape diagrams, bar graphs, line plots, pictographs
  • apply skip-counting and multiplication strategies while analyzing data
  • make connections between measurement and fractions
  • interpret scales involving whole, half, and quarter units when analyzing data
Terminology Definition Illustration
Axis vertical or horizontal scale in a graph
Frequent most common measurement on a line plot
Scaled graphs bar or picture graph in which the scale uses units with a value greater than 1
Survey collecting data by asking a question and recording responses
Bar graph graph generated from categorical data with bars to represent a quantity
Data information
Fraction numerical quantity that is not a whole number
Line plot display of measurement data on a horizontal line
Picture graph graph generated from categorical data with graphics to represent a quantity

representing data in a tape diagram from JD K-4 Math on Vimeo.



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