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Module 5
Identifying, Composing, and
Partitioning Shapes



Throughout this Module, students will:
  • explore part-whole relationships with shapes
  • define parts or attributes of two and three dimensional shapes
  • explore, create, and name shapes
  • recognize trapezoid, rhombus, cone, and rectangular prism
  • combine shapes to make a whole: composite shape
  • relate geometric figures to equal parts and name the parts as halves and fourths
  • compose and decompose shapes
  • tell time to the hour and half hour - both digital and analog
  • continue practicing daily fluency with addition and subtraction 

Terminology Definition Illustration
Attributes characteristics of an object such as color or number of sides
Fourths 1 out of 4 equal parts
Halves 1 out of 2 equal parts
Half past expression fro 30 minutes past a given hour
Half-hour interval of time lasting 30 minutes
Hour unit for measuring time, equivalent to 60 minutes or 1/24 of a day
Minute unit for measuring time, equivalent to 60 seconds, 1/60 of an hour
O'clock used to indicate time to a precise hour, with no additional minutes
Quarter  1 out of 4 equal parts
cone a solid shape with a circular base, a curved surface, and one vertex
cube a solid shape with 6 faces
cylinder a solid shape with 2 circular bases and a curved surface
rectangular prism a rectangular 3D shape
sphere a solid shape with a curved surface
circle a closed shape with no sides or vertices
Half-circle half of a full circle
Quarter-circle a fourth of a circle
Hexagon flat figure enclosed by six straight sides
Rectangle flat figure enclosed by four straight sides and four right angles
Rhombus flat figure enclosed by four straight sides of the same length where two pairs of opposite sides are parallel
Square rectangle with four sides of the same length
Trapezoid a quadrilateral with at least one pair of parallel sides
Triangle flat figure enclosed by three straight sides

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