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Module 4
Number Pairs, Addition and Subtraction to 10


Throughout this module students will be:
  • solving addition and subtraction expressions and equations
  • using number bonds to understand the relationship between parts and wholes
  • finding all number pairs using story situations, objects, sets, arrays, 5 + n patterns, and numerals
  • generating number sentences
  • working with addition and subtraction word problems
  • looking for patterns when adding 1 more or subtracting 1 less
  • studying and exploring partners 10


Terminology Definition Illustration
Addition To combine; put together two or more quantities
Addition and subtraction sentences (equations) A number sentence with an equal sign; the amount on one side of the equal sign has the same value as the amount on the other side
Make 10 Combine two numbers from 1-9 that add up to 10
Minus A symbol (-) that shows subtraction; take away a quantity
Number bond A graphic showing part, part, whole
Number pairs or partners (embedded numbers) A set of two numbers
Part Addend or embedded number
Put together Add
Subtraction Specifically using take from with result unknown
Take apart Decompose
Take away Subtract
Whole Total

images sourse

Numberbonds-Kindergarten from JD K-4 Math on Vimeo.

Numberbonds to equations from JD K-4 Math on Vimeo.


Video05-28-14 110540 from JD K-4 Math on Vimeo.

Kindergarten 10 Frame from JD K-4 Math on Vimeo.



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