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K-4 Math Overview

Up until recently, each state had its own set of learning standards and instruction varied greatly between districts. The goal of the Common Core Learning Standards is to provide a single set of clear and consistent educational standards in Math and English Language Arts that states can share and voluntarily adopt. New York State, along with 45 other states, have adopted these standards. In order to help us meet the standards in math education, Jamesville DeWitt has chosen to adopt the Math Modules as a resource for grades K-4 math instruction. 

Why has JD adopted the NYS Math Modules? 
  • fully integrates the Common Core Learning Standards
  • provides a sequenced, comprehensive framework 
  • has in depth foci with fewer topics
  • incorporates rigor, fluency, & reflection through an engaging story of units
  • provides valuable data for assessment and planning
What does a typical lesson look like? 
  • fluency activities: designed to promote automaticity with math facts 
  • concept development: when new learning is introduced 
  • application problems: designed to help students understand how to choose and apply the correct concepts to solve real world problems
  • debrief: student reflection on objectives of lesson and enables connections between the parts of the lesson
What can you do to help your child in math? 
  • know the key concepts that are important to your child's grade level
  • provide time and support for your child to work on math at home
  • ask your child to explain math to you to deepen his/her understanding



Parent Roadmaps to the Common Core Standards

 Parent's Guide to Common Core Learning 



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