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Baby Robins at Tecumseh Video
Video by Mrs. Darcy

baby bird from Beck Abraham on Vimeo.


kidwings owls
Owl Pages
Aviary Owls


From Cornell University

Global Big Day

St. Matthew's Expidetion 
St. Matthew's Island, Alaska

Ten Tips for Bird Watching
Especially for Kids
Bird Adaptations
How do Bird's Sing Movie
Bird Source
Macaulay Lab of Bird Songs

Learn Bird Songs BrainPop (sign-in) Great Game

Learning About Birds

National Zoo Birds

What is Bird Topography?

Build a Bird Activity 

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Flap to the Future Game 
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Learning Games about Birds

All About Birds Kid's Zone


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Brain Pop Birds

Brain Pop Penquins

Avian Flu

Bird Matching Games

National Geographic Birds

Audobun Just for Kids

The Great Backyard Bird Count Kids


Murder of Crows

Crows Roosting

The Crow and the Cave Man Video

Crow Facts
Short & Beautiful Nature Videos

Raptor Flight

Kestrel Flights



For Teachers

Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Free Lessons

John Muir




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