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Name Phone Email Building Website
Abbott, Jeannine 315-445-8360 jabbott Middle
Abdo, Nicole 315-445-8460 nabdo Jamesville Website
Abt, Anne 315-445-8460 aabt Jamesville
Abt, Anne 315-445-8370 aabt Moses
Abt, Anne 315-445-8320 aabt Tecumseh
Adler, Richard 315-445-8340 radler High
Amankwah, Solace 315-445-8340 samankwa High
Ames, Megan 315-445-8320 mames Tecumseh
Andreatta, Cynthia 315-445-8460 candreatta Jamesville
Anthony, Molly 315-445-8360 manthony Middle Website
Aquino, Michelle 315-445-8360 maquino Middle
Archer, Jamie 315-445-8340 jarcher High
Arriaga, Anastasia 315-445-8460 aarriaga Jamesville Website
Arriaga, Anastasia 315-445-8370 aarriaga Moses Website
Azria, Kara 315-445-8360 kazria Middle
Babbles, Sarah 315-445-8360 sbabbles Middle
Bailey, Jamie 315-445-8340 jbailey High
Baker, Marcy 315-445-8460 mbaker Jamesville
Baker, Christina 315-445-8320 cbaker Tecumseh
Barker, Barb 315-445-8340 bbarker High Website
Barlow, John 315-445-8360 jbarlow Middle
Bartholomew, Brett 315-445-8370 bbarthol Moses
Batschelet, Michelle 315-445-8370 mbatschelet Moses Website
Baum, Jessa 315-445-8460 jlynch Jamesville
Becher, Denise 315-445-8340 dbecher High
Berger, Jordan 315-445-8340 jberger High
Bird, Justin 315-445-8360 jbird Middle
Bissetta, Amy 315-445-8360 abissetta Middle Website
Blumenthal, Daniel 315-445-8340 dblumenthal High
Boettger, Amy 315-445-8340 aboettger High
Boice, Dennis 315-445-8460 dboice Jamesville
Boice, Carol Lynn 315-445-8360 cboice Middle Website
Bojlevski, Carrie 315-445-8340 cbojlevski High
Bond, Laura 315-445-8340 lbond High
Boulton, Sarah 315-445-8460 sboulton Jamesville
Boulton, Sarah 315-445-8370 sboulton Moses
Bourcy, Becki 315-445-8360 bbourcy Middle Website
Bowe, Alexandra 315-445-8370 abowe Moses
Brazie, Kathalyn 315-445-8360 kbrazie Middle Website
Breck, Pam 315-445-8340 pbreck High
Brenno, Sarah 315-445-8320 sbrenno Jamesville
Brodbeck, Sara 315-445-8340 sbrodbeck High
Brodsky, Jacob 315-445-8340 jbrodsky High
Brown, Robert 315-445-8340 LBrown High
Bryant, Keith 315-445-8360 kbryant Middle Website
Bunyan, David 315-445-8340 dbunyan High
Burgwin, Julie 315-445-8340 jburgwin High
Burt, Amanda 315-445-8360 aburt Middle Website
Butler, Kristin 315-445-8360 kbutler Middle Website
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Dr. Peter Smith, Superintendent

P.O. Box 606
DeWitt, NY 13214

Phone: (315) 445-8300

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