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Bus Buddies Bus Buddies: A group of third graders have been helping kindergarteners get to school more safely through Tecumseh Elementary School’s Bus Buddies program. Kindergarteners are paired up with third graders from the same neighborhood to walk to the bus stop together every day.     The buddy program allows third graders to develop leadership skills while the new kindergartners gain independence.    
Mix it Up at Lunch Day Mix it Up at Lunch Day: Moses DeWitt Elementary School     Students worldwide have identified that the cafeteria is one of the most divisive places on a school campus. Moses DeWitt Elementary School joined the Mix-It-Up at Lunch Day international campaign to change this negative stigma.   Mix-It-Up at Lunch Day encourages students to identify, question and cross social boundaries. On October 22, students were randomly assigned a lunch table. The goal was to encourage students to move out of their comfort zone and connect with someone new over lunch.   Millions of students around the world participate in Mix It Up at Lunch Day. For more information on this campaign, visit: .      
Inclusive Kindergarten Class Inclusive Kindergarten Class: The Inclusive Kindergarten Class is a warm and safe place for English as a Second Language (ESL) students and kids with disabilities.   On any given day, kids in the Inclusive Class work, play and learn together and from each other. Games like Picture Vocabulary offers non-native English speakers an opportunity to learn new words from their peers.   The teacher also invited ESL students to share words and phrases in their native language. These interactions allow the class to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for languages and cultures around the world.     This is an amazing group and students and staff. They will continue to foster an inclusive environment for students.     
Social and Emotional Learning Lessons Social and Emotional Learning Lessons: Jamesville Elementary has been teaching kids ways to build healthy social and emotional connections. The school’s social worker, Mrs. Perrigo, teaches Social and Emotional Learning Lessons. During these lessons, Mrs. Perrigo gives students tips and guidance on how to properly interact and socialize with each other.   She also teaches them how to better understand and manage their own feelings.    Mrs. Perrigo uses children’s literature and fun, hands-on activities as tools to introduce the rules and encourage class participation  
Veterans' Day Celebrations Veterans' Day Celebrations: All three elementary schools held very special Veterans’ Day celebrations. Jamesville Elementary School students invited 31 veterans for a performance by the second-grade students. Music teacher Laurie Russell also wrote a song thanking the veterans for their service and sacrifice, which whole school sang for the standing veterans – many of whom were brought to tears. It was a touching moment that the students, staff and community will remember for a long time.  At Moses DeWitt Elementary School, families of Moses DeWitt elementary students who are veterans or active-duty military were invited to the school’s third annual Veteran’s Day Assembly. During the honoring ceremony, the guests were invited to go on stage and were introduced ...
Fifth Graders Support Classmate with Cerebral Palsy Fifth Graders Support Classmate with Cerebral Palsy: A J-D Middle School student commemorated this year’s World Cerebral Palsy Day with a group of dedicated supporters.    Leo True-Frost is a fifth grader living with CP, one of the most common yet widely misunderstood physical disabilities in kids. Leo and his classmates decided to help others to better understand CP and those living with it.   They researched topics related to CP and created and sent daily announcements about the disability.       On October 4 th , the local World Cerebral Palsy Day celebration, Leo and his friends asked students and staff at school to wear green to show support and solidarity. They received an incredible response.   Many students, teachers and staff wore green to school. They also ...
Outsiders' Day Outsiders' Day: Seventh graders, teachers and staff wore 1960s fashion for the annual Outsiders Day on October 18 th . The event is an annual celebration of the classic novel The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, which the seventh graders read.   Every year, students mark the occasion by dressing up as members of the greasers or the socs. This year’s students wore madras, khakis, leather jackets, and hair grease and turned the seventh grade house into a scene from the book.   Students enjoyed reading the novel and participating in this annual tradition to celebrate literacy. Stay gold, seventh grade students!    
Student Wins National Study Abroad Scholarship Student Wins National Study Abroad Scholarship: High school senior Aniket Maini received the 2019 Junior Student Abroad Scholarship from the National Spanish Examinations. He traveled to Spain for two weeks during the summer with a group of 24 other student winners from across the U.S. Aniket was nominated by his teachers, Maria DeJesus and Hank Cline.     
Student's Uncle Honored at Football Game Student's Uncle Honored at Football Game: Dan Healy, uncle of J-D’s junior nose guard Scott Reeves, was honored at a home football game on October 12th.   A former defensive lineman for the Red Rams, Dan had been battling with acute myeloid leukemia. Frequent hospital visits caused Dan to miss many of his nephew’s football games. But in October, Dan received the news that his leukemia is in remission.   With help from J-D’s head coach Eric Ormond, the Healy-Reeve family planned a ceremony at half time of the October 12 th game. They announced Dan’s recent recovery to the crowd and posed for a group photo.   Despite Fulton defeating J-D that day, Dan and his family were overwhelmed with joy. Scott, Healy’s godson, is really glad that his uncle is still around.  
Charity Soccer Game Charity Soccer Game: J-D hosted the 10 th Annual Sally A. Lock Charity Soccer Game on Saturday, October 19 th . This year’s game raised nearly $10,000 dollars, making it New York State’s top soccer fundraiser for seven straight years. Paul Krause, the boys’ junior varsity soccer coach, organized the first charity game in 2010. That was the year when Sally A. Lock, Coach Krause’s sister, fought cancer for the second time in four years.   While Lock lost her fight with cancer in December 2010, support from the local community persevered. Generous sponsors and residents continued to donate money, goods and raffle gift baskets at every charity game that followed.   Since the inaugural fundraiser, the Sally A. Lock Charity Soccer Game has raised over $39,000. ...
Fine Arts Hall of Fame Fine Arts Hall of Fame: We are pleased to announce the formation of the Jamesville-Dewitt Fine Arts Hall of Fame to enlighten the community about the outstanding fine arts heritage in the District and honor those who have made remarkable and lasting contributions. The inaugural induction ceremony was held in the newly renovated Jamesville-DeWitt High School auditorium on Tuesday November 26, 2019.    
Community Forum Community Forum: Our Board of Education hosted a forum for parents and community members on Thursday, November 14 to encourage open dialogue between school administrators, parents and the community.     The discussion focused on communication and engagement, curriculum and program, equity and inclusion and student support. Input on these topics was also gathered from parents through our digital discussion platform ThoughtExchange earlier this year.   Participants discussed the strength and weaknesses of each area, and it was an opportunity for administrators to answer questions and collect more feedback from our stakeholders. The forum sessions were moderated by graduate students at the Margaret Warner School of Education and Human Development at University of Rochester.     ...
Thank You to the Community Thank You to the Community: Jamesville-DeWitt Central School District Capital Project Vote   The students of Jamesville-DeWitt Central Schools are extremely fortunate to reside in a community where people value and support the education of its children.  The capital project placed before the voters on December 17, 2019 was approved by the community.     JD Journal Capital Project   We deeply appreciate your continued support for the students of Jamesville-DeWitt. They make us all very, very proud!     Proposition #1 Proposition #2 Proposition #3                    Yes: 308                   ...
Vaping Awareness for Parents Vaping Awareness for Parents: The vaping epidemic continues to plague communities throughout the United States.  Schools, colleges, and community organizations have all reported their concerns about the impact of vaping on student health.  Please note the following resources from HS Student Assistance Counselor Will Hartley.  If you have questions about vaping or specific concerns, please feel free to call Will at 315-445-8340. Facts For Parents About E-Cigarettes & Vaping Teen Vaping Linked to More Health Risks She Survived The ICU. Now, She Has A Message: Quit Vaping!  
Perception Institute Findings Summary Perception Institute Findings Summary: Addressing equity is one of the five Jamesville-DeWitt Central School District goals this academic year. We are continuously searching for new ways to improve the enriched learning environments at our schools, eliminate disproportionality, and build equity for all students – and I wanted to share an update on one of these initiatives.   In January 2019, the District engaged Perception Institute as a collaborative partner.  In working with school districts, Perception’s team utilizes a research-based approach to develop recommendations and targeted professional development activities, to support districts in achieving their goals of equity across their school communities.  The collaboration between Jamesville-DeWitt and Perception Institute included a comprehensive ...
Jamesville-DeWitt Fine Arts Hall of Fame Jamesville-DeWitt Fine Arts Hall of Fame: The Jamesville-DeWitt Central School District is pleased to announce the formation of the Jamesville-Dewitt Fine Arts Hall of Fame.  For over sixty years, the Jamesville-DeWitt community has fostered an environment that has made it possible for countless artists to discover and develop their talent, leading to remarkable achievements and lasting contributions.  The Hall of Fame will aspire to enlighten the community about the outstanding fine arts heritage in the Jamesville-DeWitt Central School District and to honor those who have made remarkable and lasting contributions.  On Tuesday, November 26, 2019, at 7pm the inaugural induction ceremony will be held in the newly renovated Jamesville-DeWitt High School auditorium, and we invite all interested persons to attend. Those ...
What Happened to Shoppingtown? What Happened to Shoppingtown?: A Letter From Town of DeWitt Supervisor Edward M. Michalenko, Ph.D.  
Jamesville-DeWitt CSD Subject to Pearson Data Breach Jamesville-DeWitt CSD Subject to Pearson Data Breach: Approximately 650 current and former students from the Jamesville-Dewitt School District were subject to the Pearson Education data breach.  Any impacted students and their families have been directly notified. Our District was one of several school districts notified through the Central New York Regional Information Center that some student information from the AIMSWeb 1.0 was accessed by an unauthorized third party.  AIMSWeb is a reading diagnostic tool used to monitor student progress in English language arts.  Jamesville-DeWitt stopped using AIMSWeb in 2012.   Pearson reports it has taken steps to remediate the incident as well as put in place enhanced protections to guard against similar incidents.  The security of student information is a very high priority ...
A Repeal of the Religious Exemption to Vaccinations —  Effective Immediately A Repeal of the Religious Exemption to Vaccinations — Effective Immediately: On June 13, 2019, Governor Cuomo signed a bill into law that eliminated the religious exemption to the requirement that children attending school must receive certain immunizations. This law is effective immediately. Please read this joint statement from the Department of Health, Office of Children and Family Services, and the State Education Department .  
Budget Vote & Board of Education Election Results Budget Vote & Board of Education Election Results:   Jamesville-DeWitt Central School District 2019-2020 Election Results   The students of Jamesville-DeWitt Central Schools are extremely fortunate to reside in a community where people value and support the education of its children. The budget placed before the voters on May 21 st was approved by the community.  This budget will support the continuation of a quality comprehensive program for our diverse student body from kindergarten through graduation.   Our ability to maintain a safe and functional bus fleet will also continue with the approval of the purchase of four buses with cameras.  For the first time, we will add an ex-officio student board member.   Lorianne DeForest, Renee James Murad, Sharon Archer, Dana Corcoran and Kenneth Souser, ...

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