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Jamesville-DeWitt Middle School

Mr. Andy Eldridge
Middle School Principal

Jamesville-Dewitt Middle School
6280 Randall Road
Jamesville, NY 13078

P:  (315) 445-8360
F:  (315) 445-8421
Nurse:  (315) 445-8421
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Call the House Office to report a student absence:
Grade 5 & 6: 445-8267
Grade 7: 445-8268
Grade 8: 445-8269


School Specific Files
Examples of teaching and learning!

In Ms. Carruthers classroom, fifth grade students close their eyes and listen to a piece of music.
What instruments do you hear? What is the mood of the piece?
Do you think of a story that fits the music? What kind of movement do you see?
After a lively discussion students mirror each other while moving to the piece of music!


I, as a student of Jamesville DeWitt Middle School,
Pledge my every effort to acquire wisdom.
Knowledge will help me to develop understanding.
Experience with understanding will help me to develop wisdom.
I realize that I owe it to myself to strive toward this noble goal.

I respect my society of tradition and progress.
I am loyal to my family.
I will do my best to become a contributing member of my community.

I cherish my hard won democracy but I also know that my rights carry personal responsibilities.
I hope to understand other cultures so as to better understand my own.
As a citizen, I shall try to serve my country loyally.

I acknowledge mankind as a world brotherhood.
I accept the challenge that the conditions of tomorrow’s world will be one of my responsibilities.

Toward fulfilling this pledge, I 
am humbly grateful for all that I have.



Dr. Alice Kendrick, Superintendent

P.O. Box 606
DeWitt, NY 13214

Phone: (315) 445-8300

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