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Join the Jamesville-DeWitt All-Sports Booster Club!

Booster Club General Information 2015-16

Booster Membership and Ad Form 2015-16

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Jamesville Dewitt All Sports Booster Club

Objectives of the All Sports Booster Club

To develop student and community interest in all J-D interscholastic sports activities.

Promote an outstanding interscholastic athletic program.

To create, develop and fund ideas, projects and other assistance to further the athletic program and improve the athletic facilities at the J-D School District.

To strongly support the concept that interscholastic athletics are essential and vitally important components of any integrated “total” educational program.

Organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes related to the J-D School District athletic program.

Cultivate an atmosphere of sportsmanship and hospitality for J-D athletic competitions.

To raise money that is used to support athletic endeavors, acknowledge accomplishments and improve facilities.

2015-2016 Officers & Committee Chairs
President                                        Eric Moskow
Vice President                                Jodi Schwedes
Treasurer                                        Jamie Frank
Corresponding Secretary                  Michele Kretsch
Recording Secretary                        Diane Schulman
Membership                                   Corina and Tim Wilcox
Logo Apparel                                  Mandy King
Board of Education Rep                   Vacant
High School Rep                             Vacant
Middle School Rep                          Tammy DiDomenico
JD Red Ram Golf Classic                Larry Schunck
Concession Stand                           Sue Smith 

Who We Are & What We Do

The Jamesville-Dewitt All Sports Booster Club is a volunteer organization that plays a vital role in assisting our Athletic Department by providing financial support to our student athletes. 

Annually, we provide funds for end of season team awards for every sports team at all levels; equipment; the sportsmanship senior awards; Section 3 Scholar-Athlete participation; as well as the annual J-D All Sports Booster Club Hall of Fame.

Booster volunteers staff the concession stand.  Proceeds from concession sales are a significant part of our budget, as well as membership dues, revenue from our sponsorships; as well as that from various fundraising efforts, including our annual Red Ram Golf Classic.

The All Sports Booster Club needs you!  Please continue your support by attending meetings, joining in our annual membership drive and volunteering in the concession stand or in other fundraisers.  We are always seeking new ways and ideas for fun and fund raising.  We submit a newsletter in the Highlights publication from the HS, three times a year at the end of each sports season to keep everyone aware of our students’ sports participation and all of our various activities. 

Membership & Meetings

Membership is open to any person who supports the objectives of the Club and who is not enrolled as a student in the District.

Enrollment shall be ongoing throughout the year.  Annual dues are $25.
They may be made payable to J-D All Sports Booster Club and mailed to J-D All Sports Booster Club, PO Box 606, Dewitt, NY  13214.

Meeting are held monthly according to the following schedule for 2015-2016 but are subject to change if HS or sporting events conflict. Meeting dates are listed on the “up to the minute” box on the athletic website.  Meetings are held in the High School Library at 7:00PM.
September 15
October 6
November 3
December 1
January 5
February 2
March 1
April 4 (MONDAY)
May 2 (MONDAY) Annual Meeting, Vote on Officers for 2016-2017
June 7
2016 JD School District - P.O. Box 606 - DeWitt, NY 13214 - 445-8300