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Moses Dewitt Staff Email

This page provides a direct link to staff email addresses.  Given the importance of home-school communication, parents may wish to email teachers.  In doing so parents should recognize the day-to-day demands of classroom instruction.  Email should not be used when conveying time sensitive, confidential or emergency information.
Title Last Name First Name Grade/Assignment Email Address
Mrs. Abt Anne Marie Physical Therapist aabt@jd.cnyric.org
Ms. Arriaga Anastasia K-4 Art aarriaga@jd.cnyric.org
Mr. Bartholomew Brett 4th Gr Teacher bbarthol@jd.cnyric.org
Mrs. Batschelet Michelle 1st Gr Teacher mbatschelet@jd.cnyric.org
Mrs. Bojlevski Carrie K-4 Special Education cbojlevski@jd.cnyric.org
Mrs.  Bowe Alexandra 2nd Gr Teacher abowe@jd.cnyric.org
Miss Campbell Kimberly 2nd Gr Teacher kcampbell@jd.cnyric.org
Mrs. Carl Elizabeth Speech ecarl@jd.cnyric.org
Mrs. Cavotta Claudia Occupational Therapist ccavotta@jd.cnyric.org
Miss Curry Azizah 3rd Gr Teacher acurry@jd.cnyric.org
Mrs. Duffy Michelle 2nd Gr Teacher mduffy@jd.cnyric.org
Mrs. Essig Kalli K-4 General Music kessig@jd.cnyric.org
Mrs. Fitzgerald Stacie 3rd Gr Teacher sfitzgerald@jd.cnyric.org
Mrs. Gardner Beth School Psychologist bgardner@jd.cnyric.org
Mr. Hiller William 4th Gr Teacher whiller@jd.cnyric.org
Mrs. Hiller Debra School Secretary dhiller@jd.cnyric.org
Mr. Johnson Andrew 1st Gr Teacher anjohnso@jd.cnyric.org
Mrs. Kalil Kimberly School Nurse kkalil@jd.cnyric.org
Mrs. Kronenberg Rachel K Teacher rkronenb@jd.cnyric.org
Mr. LeBlanc Paul K-4 Physical Education pleblanc@jd.cnyric.org
Mrs.  Mason Dena K-4 Special Education dmason@jd.cnyric.org
Mrs.  O'Brien Holly K Teacher hobrien@jd.cnyric.org
Mr. Palumbo Andrew K Teacher apalumbo@jd.cnyric.org
Mrs. Panzetta Kristen 4th Gr Strings kpanzetta@jd.cnyric.org
Mrs. Ristau Moira 2nd Gr Teacher mristau@jd.cnyric.org
Ms. Razmjou Theresa 4th Gr Band trazmjou@jd.cnyric.org
Mrs.  Schwedes Jodi 3rd Gr Teacher jschwede@jd.cnyric.org
Mrs. Sylvester Mary Principal msylvester@jd.cnyric.org
Mrs.  Thorpe Alexis 1st Gr Teacher athorpe@jd.cnyric.org
Mrs. Vahey Melissa 4th Gr Teacher mvahey@jd.cnyric.org
Ms. Williams Lindsay Art Teacher lindsaywilliams@jd.cnyric.org
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