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Moses Dewitt Staff Email

This page provides a direct link to staff email addresses.  Given the importance of home-school communication, parents may wish to email teachers.  In doing so parents should recognize the day-to-day demands of classroom instruction.  Email should not be used when conveying time sensitive, confidential or emergency information.
Title Last Name First Name Grade/Assignment Email Address
Mrs. Abt Anne Marie Physical Therapist
Ms. Arriaga Anastasia K-4 Art
Mr. Bartholomew Brett 4th Gr Teacher
Mrs. Batschelet Michelle 1st Gr Teacher
Mrs. Bojlevski Carrie K-4 Special Education
Mrs. Boulton Sarah K-4 Library
Mrs.  Bowe Alexandra 2nd Gr Teacher
Miss Campbell Kimberly 2nd Gr Teacher
Mrs. Carl Elizabeth Speech
Mrs. Cavotta Claudia Occupational Therapist
Miss Curry Azizah 3rd Gr Teacher
Mrs. Duffy Michelle 2nd Gr Teacher
Mrs. Essig Kalli K-4 General Music
Mrs. Fitzgerald Stacie 3rd Gr Teacher
Mrs. Gardner Beth School Psychologist
Mr. Hiller William 4th Gr Teacher
Mrs. Hiller Debra School Secretary
Mr. Johnson Andrew 1st Gr Teacher
Mrs. Kalil Kimberly School Nurse
Mrs. Kronenberg Rachel K Teacher
Mr. LeBlanc Paul K-4 Physical Education
Mrs.  Mason Dena K-4 Special Education
Mrs.  O'Brien Holly K Teacher
Mr. Palumbo Andrew K Teacher
Mrs. Panzetta Kristen 4th Gr Strings
Mrs. Ristau Moira 2nd Gr Teacher
Ms. Razmjou Theresa 4th Gr Band
Mrs.  Schwedes Jodi 3rd Gr Teacher
Mrs. Sylvester Mary Principal
Mrs.  Thorpe Alexis 1st Gr Teacher
Mrs. Vahey Melissa 4th Gr Teacher
Ms. Williams Lindsay Art Teacher



Dr. Alice Kendrick, Superintendent

P.O. Box 606
DeWitt, NY 13214

Phone: (315) 445-8300

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