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December 2014
On December 15, 2014, the Board of Education approved the final plans for the improvements to the high school athletic stadium and replacement of the carpet in the high school music facilities that were authorized by district voters in October.  Those plans have now been submitted to the State Education Department.
The plan includes the following:
  • 220’ wide turf field
  • 6 lane German curve track
  • Pole vault, long jump, triple jump, high jump, discus, shot put all rebuilt, some relocated
  • Current scoreboard relocated
  • Paving and some additional lighting around concession stand
  • Concrete pad for portable bleachers on opposite side of field- no new bleachers in this project
  • New field lights supported by two poles on each side of field
  • Facility fenced in with walkway around entire facility, with gates at various locations to control access
  • Storm water mitigation including work on current basins to increase run off
  • New carpeting in high school band and choral suite
  • Equipment needed to maintain the field - a groomer, sweeper and plow attachment
 The turf structure is as follows:
  • 6-8” of stone
  • Base pad that separates stone from turf and adds flexibility and life to the turf
  • Turf carpet
  • Several inches of infill layered within the carpet fibers
 Our architects were asked to research the options and issues around the infill. A written report was provided to the Board including research done by reputable organizations. There was no research found indicating adverse effects of crumb rubber. Other options, discussed in the report, were not viewed as advantageous. Crumb rubber is the best researched infill option and that is the infill specified in the plan. The report submitted to the Board of Education is available on the District website.
We anticipate an expedited review in Albany to enable us to begin construction in May, with work completed in the fall, weather permitting.
We will continue to keep you informed as we proceed through this project. We hope to open a beautiful new stadium in the fall and again thank you for your support.


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