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7th Grade Social Studies

White Team

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year, and welcome to my Social Studies 7 class. This year, we will be focusing on improving reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills as we study US History. We will also learn important study skills to help you achieve success. Get ready to work, and also get ready for Bell Ringers, Vocabulary Alive, Independence Day, SPAM, a Historical Fashion Show, Brain Teasers, and so much more! You will work hard and be challenged, but I think you will be surprised at how much fun you will have while learning. 

"Tell me and I forget.  Teach me and I remember.  Involve me and I learn."  Ben Franklin
"Good, Better, Best...Never let it rest until your good is better and your better is best."  Coach Schmitt
"Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking our potential."  Liane Cardes

Week of May 14th:  Vocab and mind map due on Friday the 18th.  I changed the due date.  We worked on BOTH in class.  These will count toward your quiz grade.

Week of May 7th:   Vocab due on Wednesday the 9th. Bring in your permission slip.  Dred Scott reading and questions due on 5/10.  Quiz on Friday the 11th.  Civil War Inquiry questions due on Tuesday the 8th.  We spent 3 days in class working on them.  

Week of April 30th:  Vocabulary due on Tuesday May 1.  Missouri Compromise reading and questions due on May 3rd.  Magazine Cover on page 120 of your ISN is due on the 4th.  We worked on it in class.  See the daily agenda on google classroom (about section) if you forgot what to do.  

Week of April 9th and April 16th:  Reform Era Reading due on 4/10.  Reform era graphic organizer on pages 116-117 of your ISN is due on 4/12..  Infographic due on 4/18.  Source analysis in class on April 19th.  

Week of April 2:  If you didn't finish your vocabulary (you have had time each day) in class you need to finish it and turn it in to me by 4/5.  Final copy of poem due on Tuesday the 3rd.  Final copy of coins and paragraph due on Wednesday the 3rd.  

Week of March 26th:  Historical head due on the 27th.  Jackson hero or villain paragraph due on the 28th.  Google classroom inquiry questions due on Thursday the 29th.  Viewing guide to Westward Expansion slides due on April 2nd (see google classroom). These are ALL things you had time to work on in class.  If you are doing a lot outside of class it is because you aren't using your time wisely.  

Week of March 19th:  Inquiry due Monday the 26th.  Historical head due Tuesday the 27th.  Paragraph due Wednesday 28th.  See google classroom and look at the Jackson inquiry.  Google classroom activity (essential questions, guided notes, and letter to Jackson) must be complete by the 21st. We did this in class.  You must complete it if you didn't use your class time wisely.   Quiz on Monday the 19th.  

Week of March 12th:   Source Analysis on the LA Purchase in class on the 16th.  You may fill up the FRONT of a 3 by 5 index card with any information you want.  only of vocab due on the 14th (not Monroe Doctrine) Source analysis on Thursday.  Quiz Monday the 19th  on Jefferson, M v. M, War of 1812, and Madison. Webquest due on the 13th.  We did it "in class."  If you weren't focused you might need to finish it outside of class.  Reading and questions due on the 13th.  You had time to work on this In class as well.  

Week of March 5th:  Work on the War of 1812 WEBQUEST outside of class.  Your are doing it in your ISN on pages 94-94.  It is due on Tuesday the 13th. Louisiana Purchase reading and questions need to be finished (by the 8th)  if you did not complete in class. Precedent John Marshall reading and questions due Tuesday the 6th.  Also, in your ISN have Essential Questions on p. 91 and 1/2 sheet you picked up on p. 93 by the 6th. 

Week of February 26th:   Get Election of 1800 into your ISN by Thursday (p. 89).  Complete your John Adams report card by Thursday (p. 86 of your ISN).  Get p. 87 in your ISN by the 28th.  Campaign "poster" due to on the 28th.  Do it right on p. 84.  Vocabulary (XYZ Affair) due on Tueday the 27th.  You also need to get the "notes" from Monday into your ISN (p. 85) by Tuesday the 27th.  Test on Friday.  

Week of February 12:  Reading on Hamilton and Jefferson due on the 15th.   Turn in to google classroom the George Washington webquest by midnight Tuesday the 13th.  George Washington reading is due by class time on the 13th.  

Week of February 5: Current Events due on Monday the 12th.   TEST ON WEDNESDAY the 7th.   Play the quizlet review.....

Week of January 29th: Reading on the Bill of Rights is due on Friday the 2nd (read, answer ALL questions, including short answer). Vocabulary due on Wednesday the 31st.   Also put ratification half sheet on page 73 of your ISN by Friday the 2nd.  Test Wednesday the 6th.  Who represents me? and Venn diagram (p. 68 of ISN) due on Tuesday the 30th.

Week of January 22nd:  Complete page 66 of your ISN by Friday. You are defining words/explaining terms and finding names of people that hold the position.  Folded review sheet due on Wednesday.  Vocabulary due on Tuesday.  Obituary due Monday.  Quiz on Thursday that includes a source analysis.

Week of January 16th:  If you didn't finish the sensory figure we started in class on Thursday, it must be complete by Friday (19th) class.  If you forgot how to do it, the directions are on google classroom under "about"....that can be found at the top of the main page.  Put "Plan of Government" sheet on page 59 of your ISN.  Answer first question.  You do not need to write in complete sentence form.  Getting page 59 in your ISN and answering the first question is due on the 17th.  Federal Era Reading and ALL questions due Friday the 19th.  Obit due on Monday the 22nd by midnight.  Turn in through google classroom, don't just share it.

Week of January 8th:  Quiz on Friday.  I will give out a reading with questions on Wednesday on the Articles of Confederation.  It is due on Thursday January 11th.

Week of January 2nd:  Source analysis is due on Thursday the 4th.  Current Events is due on Monday Jan 8th.  You will have a Quiz on Wednesday the 10th (Battles, Advantages and Disadvantages, Women in the War, Articles of Confederation..... Three readings and questions from Wednesday due on Friday.  

Week of December 18th:  I will be out on Monday and you will have ALL PERIOD to work on what the sub gives you.  IT IS DUE TUESDAY DECEMBER 19th:  Battle "vocab" and the reading (Revolutionary War: Early Years) as well as ALL questions that are attached to the reading.  Don't forget to find sentence #s to accompany your answers.  Short answer questions must be complete.  You should be able to get it done in class if you use your time wisely.  Final draft of your personal Declaration of Independence is due on Wednesday December 20th.  

Week of December 11:  Rough Draft of your personal Declaration of Independence is due on Wednesday 12/13.  Vocabulary (impel) due tomorrow.  American Revolution Test on Friday the 15th.   Use the link to review:

Week of November 27th:  "All Men Are Created Equal" reading and questions due on Monday.  Test changed to Dec 15th.  Resistance to British rule reading and questions due on Wednesday 12/6.  You do not have to complete the written response.  Vocabulary (militia sheet) due on Tuesday December 5th.  Read on google classrom.  Assignment was posted on Tuesday November 28th.  Current events due on Monday December 4th.  

Week of November 20th:  ABC Project is due tomorrow.  New vocabulary (boycott, repeal, etc) is due on the 28th.

Week of November 13th:  French and Indian War reading/questions is due on Friday 11/17.  If you didn't finish the indentured servant/slavery reading in class you need to finish it for homework TONIGHT (11/15) and bring it back completed (questions) tomorrow.  (11/16) Rough draft" of project (ABC chart) due on Wednesday.  Current Events due on 11/20.  Project due on 11/21.

Week of November 6th:  Page 32 of your ISN is due on Wednesday.  Complete vocabulary (House of Burgesses, etc.)  by Thursday.

Week of October 30th:  Colonial "poster" due on Thursday November 2.  Current events assignment is due on Monday, November 6th.  Keep working hard! 

Week of October 23rd:  Vocabulary is due on Friday.  You can work on the colony charts using google classroom.  I added MANY LINKS that you will find in the assignment labeled colonial developments.  Some links are embedded in the webquest and some you will find when you open the "assignment."

Week of October 16th:  Project is now due on Tuesday October 17th.  Exploration Unit Test is on Thursday 10/19.  Play the review games at and  ISN quiz on Friday.

Week of October 10th:  Instagram Project due on Monday October 16th, 2017.  Thursday is the vocabulary test.  Use your study sleeve to study.

Week of October 2:  THE FOLDED REVIEW SHEET NEEDS TO BE COMPLETE BY FRIDAY 10/6.  Ten vocabulary words on the review sheet must be complete by Wednesday October 3rd.  Diary entry due Tuesday the 3rd.  Midterm vocabulary test on 10/12.  Current Events due on 10/10.

Week of September 25th:  Vocabulary due on Friday September 29th.  Study for Exam on 9/26.  Play review games and

Week of September 18th:  Important Dates: Native American Project due 9/20. New Vocab due on 9/25, Unit test on 9/26 
Quiz Tuesday the 19th on p. 7 of your ISN.  Vocab due Tuesday.  NA culture project due Wednesday.  No school on Thursday.

Week of September 11th: 




Bellringer:  Yesterday, what did you learn about your assigned Native American group?

Thursday:  Bellringer:  Define nomad in your own words.  Vocab due Tuesday 9/19. Vocab quis Tuesday 9/19.
Wednesday:  Bellringer:  If you could be an social scientist which would you be and why?  Today I gave you a new vocabulary sheet.  It is due on the 19th.  You will have a quiz on the 19th.  It will cover everything on p. 7 of your ISN. 
Tuesday:  BellRinger:  Turn in your yellow vocabulary sheet due today.  On your BellRinger sheet, explain how you are going to be graded in Social Studies this year.   FINISH THE COLLAGE OF PICTURES OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCE TERMS 
Monday:  BellRinger:  Use any vocabulary word for the week in a sentence to show you understand its meaning.   
                 YELLOW vocabulary sheet is due tomorrow.  

September 7th:  Yellow vocabulary sheet is due on Tuesday September 12th.  

Important Files

US Constitution
Causes of the Civil War
Jackson Inquiry Word Document



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