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7th Grade Social Studies

White Team

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year, and welcome to my Social Studies 7 class. This year, we will be focusing on improving reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills as we study US History. We will also learn important study skills to help you achieve success. Get ready to work, and also get ready for Bell Ringers, Vocabulary Alive, Independence Day, SPAM, a Historical Fashion Show, Brain Teasers, and so much more! You will work hard and be challenged, but I think you will be surprised at how much fun you will have while learning. 

Tuesday June 6th:  Exam is June 8th and 9th.  Play the review game https://quizlet.com/86114184/final-review-flash-cards/
Also play QUIA GAMES......  https://www.quia.com/rr/1135343.html    https://www.quia.com/rr/1135360.html  

Wednesday:  1-40 of review packet is due June 1st.  20-60 of review packet is due on June 2nd.  Finish the review packet by Monday June 5th.  Exam is June 8th and 9th.  Play the review game https://quizlet.com/86114184/final-review-flash-cards/

May 30th:
 Complete 1-15 in your review packet.  Play the Quizlet (https://quizlet.com/86114184/final-review-flash-cards/) Use your old vocabulary sheets, look through the papers in your folder, and use your interactive notebook to complete the review packet.  Final is June 8th and 9th.  On day 1 there will be 50 multiple choice questions, covering 1-50 in the review packet.  On day 2 there will also be 50 multiple choice questions, covering 51-100 in your review packet.

May 24th:  Final Exam is June 8th and 9th.  You will receive a review sheet soon.  Vocabulary is tomorrow, the 25th.

May 5th:  
Finish the Causes of the Civil War Inquiry from the google classroom page.  

Monday May 1:  If you haven't turned in your REFORM paragraph to the google classroom you need to do so.  Turn in your REFORM POSTER some time today.  Dred Scott reading with text-based questions is due tomorrow.  Vocabulary is due on Thursday.  

Thursday April 27th:  If you didn't turn in your VOCAB today, turn it in tomorrow.  Google classroom writing prompt needs to be turned in Friday by midnight!

Monday and Tuesday:  Test this Wed/Thursday (22,23) ...two quizlets to use--  https://quizlet.com/194292680/flashcards

March 13th:  Test Monday (20,21) and Tuesday  https://quizlet.com/194292680/flashcards
Trail of Tears in class assignment due on Thursday. 

March 9:  Poster assignment due Monday.

March 8:  Jackson letter due tomorrow.  Directions are on p. 3 of your Jackson packet.

March 7:  Blue Jackson vocabulary due tomorrow Wednesday March 8.

March 1:  Vocabulary due tomorrow (3/2).  War of 1812 Road Map is due on Friday (3/3).  You had TWO class days to work on this road map. 

February 16:  We will be working on the chrome books again tomorrow!  You've had THREE days in class to work on it.  Submit the project by Sunday night!

February 9:  Period 1:  Vocab due Monday.  Campaign posters due on Tuesday.  Other periods:  Task 1 due tomorrow.  Vocab due Tuesday.  ALL ISN QUIZ tomorrow.  

February 8:  Period 1:  Campaign poster for the 1796 Election.  Periods 4,5,7, and 8: Complete your electoral map activity.    ISN quiz on Friday!

February 6:  Quiz tomorrow (Tuesday 2/7) on Washington's precedents and Hamilton's economic plan!  Study your ISN pages on Washington and Hamilton!

February 2:  Finish the 4 precedent illustrations in your ISN (draw and color).  BLUE vocabulary sheet (precedent is one word) is due tomorrow.

January 30th:  Don't forget to study for the test tomorrow. Play QUIZLET. The link is on our google classroom page.

January 25th:  Ratification "poster" on page 46 of your ISN due Friday January 27th.  Test on Jan 31 and Feb 1. Quizlet link--  https://quizlet.com/_2yt5g0

January 23:  Finish sensory figure on p. 40 of your ISN by tomorrow.    Vocab due on Wednesday.  Test Jan 31 and Feb 1.  Use the quizlet....

January 19th:  Quiz tomorrow.  Make sure you bring your review sheet complete to class!

January 17th:  Quiz moved to Friday the 20th.  Matching and short answer.  If you haven't turned in your Articles Obit you need to turn it in through googleclassroom.

January 13th:  Remember if you didn't finish your Articles of Confederation obituary you need to do it ASAP.  It's due TODAY in google classroom.

January 12:  Articles of Confederation Obituary due on Friday by midnight.  You will be submitting it through google classroom.  If you were out see code for class below.  On the classroom you can also find a copy of the assignment.    Complete your assignment in google docs and upload it to the classroom when complete.  

Period 1:  sa9id9
Period 4:  jjt8wt
Period 5:  4d0n95
Period 7:  o9qpu4x
Period 8:  o705n2

QUiZ ON ARTICLES and the Constitutional Convention Friday the 20th.  

January 9, 2017:  Vocabulary given Friday due on Wedensday.  Test Jan 31/Feb 1--  test review--  https://quizlet.com/_2yt5g0

January 4, 2017:  Vocabulary due Friday January 6th.

December 23, 2016
Enjoy the holiday break!  See you next year!!!



Tuesday 12/13:  Finish rough draft Declaration of Independence on p. 32 of your ISN

Project due on December 13th.

Vocabulary due on Wednesday 12/7

The link below is to a quizlet review for the exam.




Week of 11/28:  Vocabulary due on Wednesday 11/30.

Week of 11/21:  WE WILL HAVE THE VOCABULARY TEST TOMORROW 11/22!  You have known about it since Nov. 7.  Hope you enjoyed this snow day!
QUIZLET REVIEW FOR TEST ON 11/22:  https://quizlet.com/_2scc75  You will need to copy and paste the link.  

Week of 11/14:  Finish the questions on p. 24 of your ISN by 11/16.  You need to use the diagram on p24 as well as use the information on p. 25  review sheet for the 11/22 test is on 11/15 (Tuesday).  Also, the ISN check will be on 11/15 (Tuesday) as well.   Vocabulary review SHEET is due on 11/15.  

Week of 11/7:  Vocabulary due on 11/9 Vocabulary Test on 11/22 and ISN check on 11/10 (ISN check changed to 11/15)

Meet the Candidates

Don't forget, if you want to raise your grade and enrich your learning experience, to complete the reading enrichment activity.  You may complete it once per marking period for a grade equivalent to a test!  Just make sure I approve the book first.  :)

Due 10/28:  New current events sheet (front and back)

Letter to your "parents" due on Thursday 10/20. Page 20 of your ISN.
Due Friday 10/21:  Your BLUE VOCAB sheet in its entirity is due.  Words include colony, proprietary colony, etc.

Due Monday 10/17:  Page 16 of ISN due complete on Monday. We worked on it in class on Friday.  Use what we did in class on p. 17 to help you create your pictoword on the Columbian Exchange.  Basically you are to create a "visual" on p. 16 of your ISN that uses the word Columbian Exchange as part of it.   You can use pictures and words to demonstrate you understand what the Columbian Exchange is all about.  Make sure you include the "good" and the "bad."

Don't forget the current event assignment is due tomorrow....10/14!

Friday:  Quiz Tuesday 10/11.  See below for more information.  Current event report due on FRIDAY 10/14.

The following link is a quizlet for the quiz on Tuesday (10/11)
I will collect the vocabulary that was due today on 10/11. I let you keep it because the people are on the quiz. You should use the quizlet to study as well as look over pages 10-15 in your ISN. Make sure you could answer questions 1 and 3 on p. 12 of your ISN AND know all the people on p. 15 in addition to the last two vocabulay sheets (the conquistador sheet and the people one)


MLA format directions:  http://www.fmschools.org/webpages/npreston/research_helpers.cfm?subpage=33395


Due on 10/6:  Instagram Project due on Thursday (10/6). We will work on it again on Wednesday in class but the research should be done. Quiz TUESDAY (10/11) on this week's "vocabulary" and this week's. Vocabulary will be collected on Friday.

Wednesday 9/28:  The BLUE vocabulary sheet is due first thing Friday (9/20). Make sure you complete it in its entirety if you want full credit.

Tuesday 9/27:  Complete page 12 of your ISN if you didn't do so in class.

Wednesday 9/21:  If you're re-doing your project or you didn't do it, you need to for tomorrow.  Also, study for Friday's quiz.

Monday 9/19:  Vocab definitions and illustrations due tomorrow.  Project illustration and paragraph due Wed.  Quiz Friday.

Friday:  Continue to work on your Native American project.....keeping in mind the big driving question.....How did geography influence the culture of Native Americans?  You should have your own "mini-question" to answer.  

Due Thursday 9/15:  Finish the lunchroom fight activity from class.......

Due Wed 9/14:  If you didn't finish your vocabulary paragraph, etc in class you need to turn that in to me first thing tomorrow.  Also, many of you DID NOT complete the ISN assignment.  

Due Monday 9/12:  ISN cover

9/8 Thursday:  Period 1 ,5 and 7:  Finish Who Am I?  Period 4 and 8:  Finish acrostic poem


Great Quotes
"Tell me and I forget.  Teach me and I remember.  Involve me and I learn."  Ben Franklin

"Good, Better, Best...Never let it rest until your good is better and your better is best."  Coach Schmitt

"Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking our potential."  Liane Cardes

Reading Enrichment




Important Files

US Constitution
Causes of the Civil War
Jackson Inquiry Word Document



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