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7th Grade Social Studies

White Team

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year, and welcome to my Social Studies 7 class. This year, we will be focusing on improving reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills as we study US History. We will also learn important study skills to help you achieve success. Get ready to work, and also get ready for Bell Ringers, Vocabulary Alive, Independence Day, SPAM, a Historical Fashion Show, Brain Teasers, and so much more! You will work hard and be challenged, but I think you will be surprised at how much fun you will have while learning. 

"Tell me and I forget.  Teach me and I remember.  Involve me and I learn."  Ben Franklin
"Good, Better, Best...Never let it rest until your good is better and your better is best."  Coach Schmitt
"Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking our potential."  Liane Cardes


Week of June 10th:  Timelines are due on the 12th (Wed) Final exam is June 19 and 21.  Don't forget to complete your study logs.
Week of June 3:  ABC Project due June 4.  1-15 of Review Packet due on Wednesday.
Week of May 20th and 28th:   Civil War Poster is due on May 29th.  You had THREE full days in class to work and not a lot of HW.  It was assigned 2.5 weeks ago. Final draft of ABC book due June 4th.  You've had 5 weeks and class time.
Week of May 13th.  FIVE words for the ABC rough draft are due on Tuesday the 14th.  FIVE MORE words are due on the 15th.  So by the 15th you should have TEN done in your rough draft.  By the 16th you need 15 words done and by the 16th.  20 words must be done by the 17th.  The complete rough draft is due on the 21st.  The final book is due on June 3rd.
Week of May 6th:  Vocab due Tuesday the 7th.  It includes Free Soil Party.  You were given some time in class to look up definitions.  Quiz Friday.  Rough draft ABC due on May 21, final draft is due on June 3rd (I give you the book to put it all together in)
Week of April 29th:  Mind map is due on Tuesday.   It will count as your test grade for the Reform Era Unit.   Vocabulary is due on Wednesday, May 1.  It includes the Kansas Nebraska Act.
Week of April 22:  Vocabulary (Jackson terms) due on Tuesday the 23rd.  You finished half in class.  10 points of grade will go toward quiz from before vacation and 10 points will be a homework grade.  Graphic organizer on reform era needs to be complete by class on Thursday.   Read 27-28 of your purple packet (it's called The American Middle Class...) and do 29 and 30 for Thursday.  
Week of April 8th:  Jackson reading and questions due tomorrow.  Rough draft of historical head due Wed.  Final historical head and paragraph due on Friday.  Quiz on Friday (Jackson and Westward Expansion)  Review for quiz:
Week of April 1:Paper Doll with 3 clues on the back due on Thursday.  We worked on it for TWO days in class.  
Week of March 25th: Read pages 1-2 and complete pages 3-4 in your purple reading packet is due Tuesday the 26th.  It was assigned on Friday.   Coin and paragraph OR persuasive letter due on Tuesday April 2.
Week of March 18th: On the 19th I will look at your War of 1812 research in your ISN (pages 70 and 71).  On Thursday your roadmaps are due.  We will have a quiz on Thursday as well.  It will cover Jefferson, Madison and the War of 1812.  There is a review game on google classroom you can play to prepare.

Week of March 11th: Vocabulary given out on Tuesday, March 12th is due on Wednesday, March 13th.

Week of March 4th:  Vocabulary due on Tuesday, March 5th (words include XYZ Affair and Alien and Sedition Acts, etc.)  Campaign Posters are due on March 7th.  Got Advice? is due by end of class on the 8th.  We will have a test on March 11th.  There are games posted on google classroom.

Week of February 25th: Vocabulary due on Tuesday, March 5th (words include XYZ Affair and Alien and Sedition Acts, etc.)

Week of February 25th: Vocabulary (precedent, etc) is due tomorrow.  Also, the PRECEDENT PRESIDENT google classroom activity from before break will be looked at on Tuesday the 26th.  

Week of February 4th: 
If you didn't finish the source analysis in class (Monday) you will need to finish it at home for Tuesday.  Test on February 6th.  Play quizlet  to review.....

Week of January 28th:  Current Events/Constitution assignment due on Thursday the 31st.  Test on February 6th.  Play quizlet to review.....

Week of January 22nd: Last reading in reading packet with questions (1-10) due on Wednesday.  Vocabulary with legislative branch etc. due on Friday.

Week of January 14, 2019: Front only of vocabulary (first word federalism) is due on Thursday the 17th. Constitutional Convention vocabulary (compromise, NJ Plan, Va Plan, Great Compromise, and 3/5th Compromise) is due on Wed January 16th.  Read pages 60-62 (A Second Try at the Rules: US Constitution) of your reading packet.  Complete 63 and 64 by Tuesday.

Week of January 7, 2019:    Current Events is due on the 9th.  Vocab midterm the 11th.  List of words is on google classroom.  There is also a quizlet review game available to play.  This week we will be working in class on our Articles of Confederation obituary.  We will work on it for THREE class days.  There is no reason you should be able to print it and turn it in by the end of class on Wednesday.  

Week of January 2, 2019: Vocabulary due on the 3rd.  Read pages 56-57 and complete 58-59 by the 4th.   Current Events due the 9th.  Vocab midterm the 11th.  List of words is on google classroom.

Week of December 17th:  Study for test Friday.  Game and review sheet on google classroom.  Read 52 and 53 complete all 10 questions on pages 54 and 55 by Tuesday the 18th.
Week of December 10th:Source Analysis due on Friday the 14th.  Webquest due tomorrow the 11th.  Test on December 21, 2018   Here is a link
December 7, 2018: Test on December 21, 2018  Here is a link
December 5, 2018: Rough draft is due on December 6th.  Final draft of Declaration is due on December 7th.
November 26, 2018: Vocabulary due on the 27th.  ISN "quiz" Friday the 30th. Current Events due Friday the 30th.  Events Leading up to the Revolution quiz on Monday, December 3rd.  Review for quiz here:

November 15, 2018: Finish taking powerpoint notes and get pages into your ISN.
November 14, 2018:  Periods 1, 7, and 8 put "notes" into your ISN by tomorrow.  Periods 4/5 need pages 38 and 39 of reading packet complete.  And all classes need vocabulary done by tomorrow.  
November 13, 2018: Your Causes of the American Revolution Webquest MUST BE COMPLETE by 11/14.  Vocabulary is due on 11/15.  I cannot get over how many of you did not have the current events today.  You had 13 days to do it.  
November 7, 2018: Glue pages 29-31 in your ISN by THE 8th!  Vocabulary due on Friday the 9th.  Current Events due on November 13th.
October 29, 2018:  Colonial Project due November 2.  Test November 2nd.  Review games: and
October 26, 2018:  Colonial Project due on November 2.
October 22, 2018:  New Vocabulary given out today.  It is due on Thursday.  Finish your Early Settlements Inquiry outside of class if you haven't done so yet.
October 19, 2018:  If you did not finish the Early Settlements Inquiry, you really need to do so by Monday.  Use links on google classroom.
October 18, 2018:   Read pages 15 and 16  your reading packet.  Complete pages 17 and 18 of the packet.
October 17, 2018:  Read pages 11 and 12 of yourr reading packet.  Complete pages 13 and 14 of the packet.
October 16, 2018:  Vocabulary due tomorrow. It will be going into our student led conference binder.  Get the Colonial Developments cover page into your ISN on page 21.  Put the Current Events rubric on the last page (back) of your ISN.
October 15, 2018:   Vocabulary due on Wednesday.  It will be going into our student led conference binder.
October 3, 2018:  I didn't look at yesterday's so if you didn't do it....Read pages 6-8 (Europeans Settles the New World)  in your reading packet and complete pages 9 and 10.  We will have an Exploration TEST on October 12th...  Review Games:  and
October 1, 2018:  Diary entry due tomorrow.  We talked about it in class.  It's to go on p. 16 of your ISN.  
September 27, 2018:  Chnge in due date.  See below.  I was out today.  You completed a vocabulary sheet in class.  You should have had more than enough time.  If you didn't finish you should finish it outside of class.
September 24, 2018:  Read 2-3 in your spiral bound reading book.  Complete pages 4 and 5.  This is a review and will help you prepare for the test on Wednesday.  Test on Wednesday the 26th  Project due on Friday.  Review games for test:   and
September 20, 2018:  Current Events due tomorrow.  Quiz on Monday (social science terms/primary and secondary sources) the 24th.  Review for quiz:   Test on Wednesday the 26th  Project due on Friday.  Review games for test:   and
September 17, 2018:  Vocabulary is due on Thursday.  You need to write a paragraph this time.  See the rubric in your ISN for how you will be graded.  Current Events is due on Friday.  See google classroom for links to good news sites and the grading rubric.  
September 14, 2018:  
Enjoy your weekend!  If you owe me work, get it in asap.  
September 13, 2019:  Finish the vocabulary for homework.  On the back you do not have to write the paragraph.  Instead write 5 separate sentences like we did the first time we did vocabulary.  
September 12, 2018:  Choose ONE of the social science terms on p. 7 of your ISN.  Create a WANTED poster on p. 6 of your ISN.  Write WANTED at the top of page 6.  So you might pick Geographer or Sociologist or Economist, etc.  Sketch what you think that person might look like, what he/she might be holding, and/or what might be in the background (ex. an arcaheologist might be holding a shovel).  Then you must have THREE sentences below the person.  Those three sentences are reasons why you need an archaeologist, or a sociologist, etc.  (ex.  In need of an Anthropologist to help me learn about Native Americans from the past because I am a descendent of Tecumseh).  Have fun!

Important Files

US Constitution
Causes of the Civil War
Jackson Inquiry Word Document



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