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Jamesville-DeWitt High School Parent Teacher Group (PTG)

Jamesville Dewitt High School Parent Teacher Group

The JDHS PTG welcomes you to the 2018-2019 School Year! The PTG is a volunteer organization made up of parents, teachers, and administration whose function is to assist and support the school and its students throughout the year. The PTG funds student clubs, faculty requests and senior scholarships. We hope that you will choose to become an active participant in helping to make JDHS a wonderful place to learn and grow. 
Last year, the PTG funded $6,700 to Student Clubs and $2,000 to Senior Scholarship Awards.  We also helped to fund Operation Graduation, refreshments for Curriculum Night, SCD breakfast for the staff, and the Staff Appreciation Luncheon, plus other events and requests.
Joining the PTG is not a time commitment; it is a commitment to help fund clubs and events during the school year.  Funding is imperative to help ensure that the clubs and events stay a part of the Jamesville-Dewitt High School experience.  Clubs at JDHS are important to students that may be looking to connect with peers that have common interests in things other than sports and music. Students that share in common interests, such as Science, Law, Engineering, Foreign Language, and helping the less fortunate come together within the JDHS clubs. We need your help to fund these amazing clubs!
The PTG has one main fundraiser each year. Our annual fundraiser is the PTG Flower Sale held each year on Mother’s Day weekend.  Thank you to Arianne Dougherty for agreeing to chair the Flower Sale.   We are in need of volunteers to help with the flower sale.  Please contact Jodi Schwedes if you would like to help with this event.
We want to encourage you to donate to the JDHS PTG to support the activities and clubs that mean so much to the students and staff. All of our funding comes from family donations and the Spring Flower Sale. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Your donation will help support a wide range of high school clubs and student activities. As always, we encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas on school sponsored activities and enrichment projects for our students.
Thank you for your consideration to support the PTG in any way that you can.
PTG Officers
Jodi Schwedes, PTG President:
Kerry Durkin, PTG Treasurer:
Yes, we want to help fund the JDHS PTG with a donation.
Name (parents): _______________________________________________
Student name(s): ______________________________________________
Home Phone/Cell: ____________________Email: _____________________
Please make Checks payable to:  JDHS PTG ($20 recommended donation)

  • Send Envelope into school marked: “JDHS PTG” or
  • Mail to:  JDHS PTG, PO Box 606, Dewitt, NY 13214

 Yes, we want to volunteer to help the JDHS PTG.
__Staff Appreciation Luncheon Volunteer (May)      __Flower Sale Volunteer (May) (click on volunteer info listed below)
PTG Donation Form




Dr. Peter Smith, Superintendent

P.O. Box 606
DeWitt, NY 13214

Phone: (315) 445-8300

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