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Mrs. Bourcy's Page

Mrs. Bourcy's Language Arts Page

Welcome to 8th grade English language arts!

Check this page often for class announcements, updates, and due dates!

What's DUE?  9/24-9/29
1)  annotate
6) quandary
7) recurrent
8) negligent
9) incredulous

Next Monday's Word  Talkers:
Be certain to complete the Google Slides on your word.  Use BOB Vocabulary List one to remind you what information you need to include.  Share your slides with me by Thursday 9/27.  Practice the presentation for Monday, 10/1.

1)  Be certain to keep up with the inclass reading of The Wednesday Wars if you are absent.  See me to borrow a copy of the book to take home with you if needed.
2)  The Wednesday Wars journal entries and annotations.  The need to be complete, detailed, and focused for each chapter/prompt.

3)  2 1/2 hour bookmark- Friday, 9/28

4)  Review new vocabulary words for 5 minutes per night.  New vocabulary words are given on Monday of each week.  Make yourself a study guide/flashcards/ or a Quizlet to help you learn your new words.
First Vocabulary Quiz- 10/10/18
5)  Syracuse Stage $6 and permission slip due by 9/28.  

Challenge:  What does TAG stand for?  Where and when do you use it?

** I am available for extra help during 1st and 5th periods.  Please take advantage of this opportunity.






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