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Module 3

Ordering and Comparing
Length Measurements as Numbers



Throughout this Module, students will:
  • align endpoints when measuring length
  • compare lengths of 3 objects
  • order lengths using indirect comparison
  • use centimeter cubes to demonstrate the length of an object
  • use standard unit name of centimeters
  • order, measure, and compare lengths of objects with and without centimeter cubes
  • measure with non-standard units to identify need for consistent units for accuracy when comparing
  • collect, sort, and organize data and answer questions about data points
  • ask and answer word problems about a data set with 3 categories

Terminology Definition Illustration
centimeter standard length unit within the metric system
centimeter cube tool used to measure with
length unit measuring the length of an object with equal-sized units
less than comparing quantity or amount
longer than comparing the length of two objects
more than comparing quantity or amount
shorter than used to compare height of two objects
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